Blackstar Canyon "Get To Know Us" Hike

December 10, 2016


trip overview

Maybe you already know us and maybe you don't...either way, we want you to get to know us and we want to hang out with you! We are hosting a hiking meetup at Blackstar Canyon at 9am.

We will hike together, swap stories, and share our vision about Wilderness Trio. Maybe if you're not too sweaty at the end, we will grab lunch with you! Just kidding, we will totally get lunch together when we are done.

Level of activity

We will hike around 4 miles on a very well maintained hiking trail. There is little elevation gain. Don't worry if the last time you went hiking was "in your glory days"! You can totally handle this one!



Adventure details

What's included: A guided trip by our adventure specialists and an epic adventure!

You are responsible for bringing your own water (we recommend bringing at least 1 liter). Also, please bring some solid walking shoes...your sandals are cool at the beach, not on the trails!

Cost: Free! Bring some money for lunch though if you want

Sign up: Send us an email if you are planning on coming. We just want to be able to gauge how many are coming and we also don't want to leave you behind in case you're running a few minutes late. to sign up or for more information.