The Ultimate Yosemite Backpacking adventure

August 21st-26th, 2018

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Adventure overview

Get ready to explore Yosemite more than most people ever will… Prepare to be blown away as we hike through sections of the John Muir Trail scattered with rivers, waterfalls, lakes, adventure, and altitude. This 6 day, 5 night adventure will take you away from the crowds and through the beautiful, untouched high backcountry of Yosemite to reconnect you back to nature like never before. We’ll end up trekking from Tuolumne Meadows to the Yosemite High Sierra camps, and making our way on top of Cloud's Rest for the stunning views of Half Dome and the Yosemite valley so get ready to reconnect!

This is a moderate to strenuous level backpacking trip that won't disappoint. We’ll take to spots in Yosemite that most tourists will never see, and elevate your backpacking and hiking game to the next level! 

Experience Yosemite with a medically certified and experienced guide who will be there to motivate, encourage and help you every step of way!

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What's included:

  • A guided Wilderness Trio Adventure by our friendly adventure specialists
  • Use of backpacking gear. Includes: use of backpack, sleeping bag, tent, and insulated sleeping pad. Our team brings the water filters and stoves as well.
  • The extremely hard to get backcountry permits
  • Backpacking dinners will be provided
  • A guided hike with a medically certified and experienced guide
  • Some Wilderness Trio swag... Could be a hat, shirt, or maybe even a beanie! You never know what kinda treasure you'll score!
  • A recap video, plenty of photos of you in action, and memories of your epic adventure you'll remember forever!

Cost: $849 per person

We think it's pretty rad you have friends, so we want to reward you for being so rad. Groups of 3 or more are just $779 each person

Level of Activity

Moderate-Strenuous. About 45 miles will be covered between the backpacking and Cloud's Rest trekking. Miles per day will range from 6-10 depending on the day.

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Difficulty Rating: 4

We rate our adventures on a 1-5 scale with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the most strenuous. This is a level 4 adventure where we recommend this hike for those who have experienced hiking at higher elevations, have some previous backpacking experience, and have been spending some time exercising throughout the week.


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