While most companies have “guides,” we refer to our team as "Adventure Specialists." We think of a guide as someone that gets you from point A to point B, but an Adventure Specialist is much more. An Adventure Specialist is inspired by the outdoors and knows how to share their passion. They've got wilderness on their mind all the time and cant wait to bring you into your next hobby.

We want our clients to have an adventure along the way whether that be from learning, laughing, growing through a team building experience, playing a game, or having a deep conversation. Our Adventure Specialists are there to ensure that you're just as encompassed by the wild as they are. We believe every mile on the trail is one that can be used for personal growth, whether its mental, physical, emotional, and social. With Wilderness Trio, you’ll receive more than just a guided trip, you’ll receive a connection to something bigger than all of us, and more rewarding than you could possibly imagine.

Our Adventure specialists: