Joshua Draper hiking in Black Star Canyon

Josh Draper

I have been on close to one hundred camping and hiking trips all over California over the past twenty years. Ever since I was young, I have loved being outside and would choose playing in the yard or a trip to the park over video games any day. My love for nature was sewn in the San Bernardino Mountains outside of Big Bear, CA, where my family owned a small cabin we would visit monthly. Out in the wilderness, away from the noise of cars zooming by, before cell phones and WiFi signals, I gained a real appreciation for the powerfully rejuvenating effects of unadulterated time amongst the trees. I have since camped and hiked almost everywhere from Monterey in the north to San Diego in the south to Death Valley in the East. Each experience is different, unique, and in its own way, unforgettable. Even visiting the same place during the same time of year as before, I have gained new insights, viewed new gorgeous sunsets, and noticed new things that were there all along but I had missed before. There is just something about time in nature that technology has not been able to replicate (not even close!) and the only feeling better than experiencing it for myself is taking other people and being there when they experience it for themselves.