Your experience means the world to us. That's why This isn't a sweaty hike with s'mores and a smelly tent. CHeck out all of the following to see what goes on in a Wilderness Trio Adventure

+ Team Building

It's important to have people alongside you in life. It's even more important to have people who know how to work as a team. Wilderness Trio has numerous team building activities and games to bring you and your family/friends together in the wilderness to work, play, laugh, and grow together. Our hope is that through every adventure you will have some new trail friends that you can call family.

+ Wilderness Skills

Did you ever go on a camping trip where your dad did all the setting up and the fun stuff? We will not rob you out of learning the basics in the wilderness! Whether you're interested in learning how to set up a tent, start a campfire, or other basic wilderness skills, our guides are here to help.

+ Hiking

All of our adventures will include hiking. Some of our adventures involve backpacking to a destination and others will include hiking from the campsite that you have driven to. In either case, we will strive to get you hiking through incredible scenery. We want you to connect back to nature, what better way to do that than to walk through it?

+ Helping a Hurting Community

Your adventure helps a hurting community. We use 25% of the profits from every adventure so that we can give back to the community. We do this in various ways. Sometimes we host adventures for families who are lower income, sometimes we give money to an organization that catches our eye, and we are always looking for a cause greater than ourselves to give.

+ Story Sharing

Isn't it amazing when people gather together around a campfire to swap stories? Everyone carries an identity, one that has been formed through their personal adventures. We create the environment for sharing stories.

+ Relaxation

This isn't some program designed to leave you exhausted and hating the outside. We want you to relax. The way we make that happen is we have a program that elimnates boredom, "what are we doing next?!" is a question we can answer, you don't have to. We take the work out of most the cooking, cleaning, and setting up of our adventures. The wilderness is designed for relaxation.

+ Great Food

Our trips, unless specified, include our guides who are ready to prepare great tasting food out on the trail. This isn't the summer camp food you had in 8th grade. We bring food to our destination to take some of the work out of it for you.

+ Quality Gear

If you end up using gear from us, we won't let you use a piece of gear that we ourselves wouldn't. We have high standards for gear and will aim to make sure that gear makes your adventure awesome.

Intrigued yet?