+ Do I need to have outdoor experience?

Nope! Some of our trips are designed for someone who is looking to get into the outdoors for the first time. We don't mind showing you the ropes.

+ Why should I choose you guys for an adventure?

  • Each year we set goals to contribute towards bettering the community. Some of the proceeds from each adventure goes towards these goals.
  • Each member of our team is Wilderness First Aid, Leave No Trace, First aid, and CPR certified. At minimum each member of our team has 10 years of outdoor experience.
  • We legally obtain permits, have our proper licensing and follow federal guidelines in order to guide in the wilderness of national parks. A portion of the proceeds goes towards the The National Park Service, National Forest Service, and California State Park Service.
  • We carry GPS units and an Inreach device for our backpacking trips to ensure safety.
  • We strive to provide an outdoor experience you'll remember forever with a program that is designed to get people engaged, talking, laughing, and living out our mission statement, "Reconnecting people back to nature", which is why each adventure includes many learning opportunities to give you the confidence and skills for your next adventure. We also believe in reconnecting people back to people, which is why we have team building activities.
  • We aim to make our adventures more affordable than the competition. We care more about bringing friends and families together than making tons of money.

+ What kind of shape do I need to be in?

It really depends on the trip. Some of the intermediate to strenuous backpacking trips will require someone of an active lifestyle or who has been in strict training. We recommend that all who come on any trip have done some training prior to departure. Cardio and leg workouts are key to a fun trip.

+ Can my family/kids be part of an adventure?

Absolutely! We can tailor our trips to cater to your young family.

+ What kind of footwear do I need?

We recommend using a hiking boot that has already been broken in. You can get by with quality exercise shoes on most of our beginner trails, but intermidiate and above should be using a waterproof boot. Shoot us an email for some boot suggestions

+ Will there be bathrooms or showers?

Most of our backpacking trips do not have the traditional showers and toilets that campgrounds or our camping adventures have. Our camping adventures are almost always based around the modern conveniences of having at minimum a bathroom nearby and we aim to use campgrounds that do have showers.

+ What do I need to bring?

We send out a detailed what to bring list for every adventure. This makes packing easy and also ensures that you'll have the adequate gear for the adventure. Feel free to ask any questions! We love sharing knowledge with others.

+ Do you guys carry most of the gear and supplies?

Our team carries most of the comminuity gear for the adventure on our backpacking trips. We also carry more food than the average adventurer (that's you!) will be carrying. With our large first aid kits and extra items we carry, our adventure specialists (guides) are generally carrying 50-60 pounds, so as much as we'd like to, we can't carry all your stuff too. We do ask that you help carry some of the items that we will be using during the adventure, but you can expect to carry a backpack weighing 30-40 pounds depending on the advenure and length of time we will be out.

+ I hear you guys make great food, what if I have food allergies?

When you book your trip you will be sent a questionnaire about yourself. Make sure you indicate that you have food allergies. We will do our best to accommodate your allergies, but if we cannot we will refund you a portion of your trip cost and will assist you in the meal preparation.

+ Do I have to use your gear if I have my own awesome stuff?

No, but if the adventure is one that our guides will be carrying the supplies, then you are going to need to carry your own awesome gear.

+ What if I need to cancel my spot for the trip?

The following is our refund policy:

  • 72 hours of us receiving your deposit: 100% refund
  • 21+ days prior to trip departure: 50% of the deposit can be applied to one future trip
  • 0-20 days prior to trip departure: No refunds as we have already hired on the appropriate adventure specialist(s) and have already made arrangements for your attandance. We recommend buying travel insurance to protect your investment.

+ What happens if I get hurt?

To protect Wilderness Trio, LLC. All individuals who embark on one of our adventures must acknowledge that there is always a risk when going on an adventure. In the event that there is an injury, our medically certified team will assess the situation and if possible, treat any injuries. In the rare event that there is an emergency, our guides carry a GPS unit capable of sending a distress signal to a emergency response center for prompt evacuation. The cost for any rescue or evacaution is on the participant. We recommend purchasing rescue insurance.

+ If a storm arrives will the trip still go on?

It really all depends on the storm and adventure destination. We run our adventures rain, shine, snow, or heat. If extreme weather comes in prior to the trip departure we will be in commmunication with you about the plan and when either a reschedule will take place or a relocation. We reserve the right to cancel trips based on weather or unforseen circumstances.

+ What happens if Wilderness Trio has to cancel an adventure?

In the rare event that Wilderness Trio has to cancel an adventure due to unforseen circumstances, extreme weather, park/forest closures, or any other situation out of our control, we reserve the right to cancel the adventure. The steps taken will be as follows:

  • We will reschedule the adventure when we see fit around the circumstances that cancelled it in the first place
  • If a reschedule cannot take place due to permits, trails/parks/forests will be closed indefinitely, or any other reason we cannot run the orignal adventure, you can either request for a full refund of the deposit and any money paid or you may apply all money paid for the adventure to any other adventures we have open and due to the inconvenience, we will discount the new adventure 5%-15% at our discretion.

Please know that Wilderenss Trio LLC, it's affiliates, and employees will not be held responsible for any additional expenses you incurred for preparation for the adventure such as, but not limited to: hotel/lodging, gear purchased, gas, car rentals, airline tickets, travel days, etc.

+ What happens if I don't get to see, climb, or experience something on the adventure that was advertised or I was hoping to get to?

We will do all that we can to make sure you get to experience and see everything and more that is adverstised. We reserve the right to have to cancel or shift certain things around whether advertised or not, based on the needs of the group, situations beyond of our control, or weather issues. Don't worry though, we will aim to provide 110% more than we advertise!

Did we miss a question? It's important to us. Email info@wildernesstrio.com so we can get that answered for you.