Chris Duarte camping in Mammoth Lakes
Chris Duarte and his Dog

Chris Duarte

I have been backpacking and hiking since 2008. I found my love for nature when I went to Zion for the first time and was able to backpack a few trails through there. What intrigued me was being able to see things that most people would never see. I found that the best parts of National Parks and forests aren’t the things you can drive to, but are the things in the backcountry that take more than a car ride to see.  I love being able to get outside for it’s experience. I believe that every time we get outside, a unique opportunity is presented to us. Even if I have done a particular trail a dozen times I still get to indulge in a new experience. The trail has been the best way for me to truly experience life and not only what it offers, but what it means.

I have been forced to learn through many mistakes, ranging from buying the wrong gear to taking the wrong trail. Trial by fire has been a rough, yet, excellent way to learn. Thankfully these days rather than making mistakes, I get to help others avoid them.

I have completed the extensive yet rewarding John Muir trail, thoroughly explored Zion National Park, snowshoed through parts of Sequoia National Park, explored many gems and lakes within the Inyo National Forest, climbed multiple mountains in California including the 14,500 foot peak of Mount Whitney, have off-roaded through the vast desert of Death Valley National Park, and done some fun rock exploration in Joshua Tree.

I can honestly say that the opportunity to take groups of people outside, especially those who have never experienced the backcountry, genuinely makes me ecstatic!

Off the trail I love to mess around, I don't like being too serious. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I like to play video games. I can't stand the beach. I enjoy the gym, biking, and snowboarding. I have a wife named Kat and dog named Rocky. I love the opportunity to be creative. And I like fixing things!

I am a Wilderness First Responder and received my certification through Wilderness Medical Associates under the instruction of WIlderness Leadership Institute. I am also certified in basic first aid and CPR.