Do you ever find it hard to come up with new ideas for things to do? End routine and join the fight to reconnect.

The Reconnect Challenge is a year-long contest that gets you OUT of your comfort zone and reconnects you to your world- your neighborhood, your city, and of course, your wilderness! Every month we will send you 10 new challenges. Your tasks will range from relatively easy to slightly more challenging, all designed to keep you exploring your world and Reconnecting to bigger and better things!


Why be part of the Reconnect Challenge?

Great monthly prizes!-3.png
Great monthly prizes!-2.png
  1. You get a free and exclusive Wilderness Trio Reconnect shirt

  2. Every month 10 new and fun ideas will be sent to you to add some excitement to your life

  3. Each time you complete a challenge you earn 1 entry into the monthly raffle for a great prize

  4. Snap a photo of you completing your challenge to enter the photo contest for another opportunity to win a prize!

  5. Every 6 months a grand prize winner will be selected to receive a buy one get one free on any one of our adventures

  6. The proceeds raised go towards our 2019 Community Goals that we are passionate about

  7. Still have questions or need reasons to sign up? Click here for more info

Reconnect Challenge 2019 Commitment
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