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  • You'll be competing with hikers all around for awards and prizes
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#tradeinyourview is pitting hikers against each other to see who's hiking the most miles and gaining the most elevation. By partnering with Ramblr, we've made it easy to track your adventures and see just how far you've hiked! ramblr runs off your phone's GPS, whether you're in a service area or not! Be sure to follow us on ramblr @wilderness_trio so we can track your progress online. Competitions will run for Summer (April 1st - September 31st) and Winter seasons (October 1st - March 31st)



Track your Adventures with Ramblr

We want to see your adventures! Every time you hike, simply hit the "Start Tracking" button on the ramblr app to start tracking your miles. Once your hike has begun, we'll need at least one picture of you at your hike's destination to count. This helps us ensure you or your group are on the trail! When you're done hiking, simply hit the "Finish" button. You can track all your hiking miles and altitudes right through ramblrs app, they'll even reward you with cool badges when you hit certain landmarks!



See you at the summit... of the

We'll be updating your hikes and progress each week into an online active leaderboard. This helps us all see who's really guiding the pack. We'll be giving awards away to the top three hikers in two seperate categories: miles hiked and altitude gained. We'll also have occasional weekend competitions for prizes and giveaways throughout the year. We want to make 2018 a year of new heights, new hikers, and new views. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to #tradeinyourview!