This about more than getting a free shirt and it’s better than your new year’s resolution.

This will enhance and change your life .


Sign up for the reconnect challenge.

Sign up for the challenge and we will send you a free Reconnect t-shirt to get you excited about what you’re about to be part of! Starting January 2019, every month we will email you a list of 10 activities designed to Reconnect you to different parts of life. Activities that will make you laugh, events that your friends will have a great time at, ideas for your next date night, challenges that will grow your character, and much more.


The more challenges you complete, the better your odds.

Each challenge you complete needs to be documented via a photo. Use #reconnectchallenge and tag @wilderness_trio on Instagram so we can see your accomplishment! Our team will track the photos submitted and ensure you get credit for completing each challenge. At the end of the month, we will tally up entries and our team will draw a winner for the monthly raffle.

Your photos don’t end there, we will choose our favorite photos and those selected will also win a prize!


Pat yourself on the back because You’re making an impact.

At Wilderness Trio, we are all about Reconnecting people back to nature. As you know, we live in a world where not everyone is privileged enough to explore and Reconnect to nature. So, we are going to use the proceeds from this challenge for our 2019 community goals. Your participation in this challenge is going to help us make an impact so that others can Reconnect just like you.