A desire impossible to ignore

I have a silky terrier named Rocky who seems to love people a whole lot more than he loves other dogs! My dog is like most dogs in that he loves to play, eat, beg for food, and he loves going outside on his walks. You can even go up to him and ask, "Rocky, do you want to go outside?" and he starts running around and jumping with this crazy look in his eyes!

I take Rocky out on walks twice a day and we stick to the same route on each walk turning around at the same stop sign about 1/4 mile away from my house. The other day when we went to turn around at the stop sign, something happened that either hasn't happened before or I hadn't ever noticed it. Rocky became very sluggish, he looked down toward the ground, and began to take very slow steps towards home. I stopped to look at him and he just stood still looking at me with this depressed look...then it hit me, my dog has a desire to adventure. The desire to see new things, take different paths, and explore new worlds is built into him and he can't shut that down. I know he has this desire because as we ended up going past the stop sign, there was a whole lot more spring in his four paws as we traveled across the street.

Now there are some obvious differences between us (as people) and our dogs, but there are also some similarities. Us humans and dogs share a desire for exploration. The desire to turn the next corner, to venture out a little farther, to see the view from the top of the mountains, a desire that is flat out impossible to ignore. Curiosity of what lies ahead propels us as humans. It is what has given us the motivation for all of our technological advancements and we can't stop advancing because we can't help but wonder what lies ahead.

Our team at Wilderness Trio believes in getting people outside. Our mission statement was built around the undeniable desire that each person has for adventure. As all of us are in the beginning stages of coming to terms with our New Year's resolutions, I wanted to encourage each of you to pursue the desire of adventure. Do what it takes to climb higher, explore more, see new lands, and to fall in love with nature like never before.

We are always here to help you plan your next trek! Get out there because you cant ignore the loud calls of the wilderness.

- Chris Duarte