If you're not texting then you're not hiking properly

The year was 2003, I was a sophomore in high school with nothing more on my mind than getting my driver's license and a car. My dad was assisting in the car search by combing the classified sections of the newspaper. One morning, the headline "mountaineer trapped by boulder amputated arm with pocketknife" caught his eye. My dad called me over to the kitchen table where he read the details of Aron Ralston's brave act of cutting his own arm off to save his life. I was inspired and intrigued at this man's will to survive. Eventually, Aron Ralston would write a book about his experience and James Franco would star in a movie portraying Aron's story, agony, and heroic behavior to not die stuck in a canyon.

While I enjoy the book and the movie, and have nothing but respect for Aron and the strength he displayed, one thing is clear, he made a mistake. His friends and co-workers knew he was known for hiking and exploring on his own, but they had no idea where Aron was while he was stuck and missing for 127 hours. 

What could not only give your friends/family peace of mind but could also save your life is a simple text. Before you go out hiking whether it's by yourself or with a group, a text to a few people letting them know where you will be trekking and when you plan to return is never a bad idea. 

If you're not texting, you're not hiking properly. 

Stay safe out there,

- Chris