Trade-in your view part 1

I am much like you in a lot of ways. I work a 9-5 job, stare at a screen most of my day, eat food that I wish were better for me, attempt to exercise, and I too am miserable. I have had days where I stare at the picture of nature on the screen of my desktop and dream of being there. I am convinced that they come stock on computers just to help humans cope with being stuck inside.

I close my eyes and envision myself there, climbing that mountain, breathing in the cool, crisp, and clean air. I stop, look around at the scenery and am thankful to be outside the city. Being partly motivated by food, I can't wait to get to camp so I can set up and have dinner. I think about the laughter that will take place around the fire, the stories that will be told of crazy outdoor adventures, and the memories that will be created.

Then, I open my eyes. My computer screen is right there, I am sitting at my desk, and the air isn't cool, crisp, or clean. It is the same air I breathe everyday. I am not on an adventure, but am just dreaming of one. For a moment, I was able to trade in my view of my desk for something better. What if we could stop dreaming inside and start living outside? It's time we consider trading in our view. It's time we stop dreaming inside and start living outside.

How do we make it happen? Stay tuned.

- Chris Duarte