Yosemite backpacking to Glacier Point with dinners and gear

February 8-10, 2019


Adventure overview

Before we get too far into how epic this expedition will be, we need to let you know that this is a strenuous trek that is uphill, in the snow, and it will be cold (sounds like your parent’s route to school huh?!). It is very important that you are a backpacker with previous experience that is used to quicker speeds than normal. We cannot take a risk on a slow party due to the short winter days and unlike our usual adventures, we have a strict schedule to maintain to keep everyone safe and out of the dark. We are not trying to be mean here, but if you are typically the slow one in your group and or are sometimes 20-30 minutes behind everyone else, this trek is not for you.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to how epic this adventure will be! We will be getting on the snowshoes to trek up to Glacier Point from the Badger Pass area! This will be an adventure to provide you with the iconic view of Half Dome and the Yosemite Valley in the snow.

We will have you all set up with your tent that has a breathtaking view of Yosemite/Half Dome, but you’ll be plenty warm with the provided 0 degree sleeping bag! Leave the dinners to us as we will ensure you get a great backcountry dinner provided by our adventure specialists.

+ What's included for every Wilderness Trio adventure

  • A guided Wilderness Trio Adventure by our friendly adventure specialists who are always around to share knowledge, stories, and jokes!
  • Your purchase goes a long way! The proceeds go towards 3 things: Keeping our mission going, our 2019 community centered goals, and also back to our state and national parks!
  • Some Wilderness Trio swag
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  • A lifetime "membership" to be part of The Trio. You'll receive discounts on future adventures, gear rentals, and more!

+ What's included for this particular adventure

  • The use of winter backpacking gear: Snowshoes, backpack, 0 degree sleeping bag, insulated sleeping pad, and a 4 season tent. Please know that you will be sharing a tent with 2 others unless you choose to bring your own.
  • Dinners made by our adventure specialists
  • Winter survival and winter specific backpacking skills will be taught

+Level of activity and difficulty

  • No previous winter backpacking/snowshoe skills are required, however, please read the opening statement on the adventure overview as this is a strenuous trek that we have to monitor people closely on. Due to the nature of the short winter days and this trek, we cannot have someone who is out of shape, someone who backpacks less than 1.75 miles per hour, and or struggles climbing. Snowshoeing with a backpack on is very strenuous.
  • Difficulty Rating: 5 We rate our adventures on a 1-5 scale with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the most strenuous. This is a level 5+ adventure where even the most fit backpacker might experience some "winded" moments

+ Registration and cost

  • Registration for this adventure closes on January 25th or when the adventure sells out
  • Cost: Early registration rate of $399 through 12/21 Regular registration rate of $439 applies starting 12/22
  • The deposit can be paid at the bottom of this page and it secures your spot and is your registration
  • Click here to read our policies on deposits, refunds, and balance payments

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