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Elevate Program with Alpine: Yosemite Spring backpacking

April 11th-14th, 2019


Adventure overview

We have teamed up with Alpine Camp and Conference Center to deliver the ultimate faith based backpacking experience! This adventure is all the great things you love about Alpine camp mixed with the adventure, peace, and the challenge of the wilderness!

This program is designed to grow adventurer's spiritual lives, leadership skills, develop confidence on and off the trails, and to live a few days "off the grid" to worship, all while being immersed in creation.

Experience the wild with the Alpine staff and with a medically certified and experienced guide from Wilderness Trio who all will be there to deliver a unique program that will challenge, motivate, encourage and help you every step of way!

There is something unique about backpacking in the spring. Everything in nature is awakening. While you will find some snow patches on the ground, birds are chirping and the warm sun rays on your face tell you winter is over and this place is starting to come alive! And the best part may be that very few people know about Yosemite's springtime beauty so it feels like the entire valley is our own private playground. We will help keep you safe, warm, and equipped to experience the glory of Yosemite this spring. 

The waterfalls and rivers are pumping and the vibrant color of spring is beyond stunning! We will take you up and out of the valley to get some incredible views of rivers, waterfalls, streams, and if the group of adventurers has it in em, we will take you to see the beautiful and serene Merced Lake!

+ What's included for every Wilderness Trio adventure

  • A guided Wilderness Trio Adventure by our friendly adventure specialists who are always around to share knowledge, stories, and jokes!
  • Your purchase goes a long way! The proceeds go towards 3 things: Keeping our mission going, our 2019 community centered goals, and also back to our state and national parks!
  • Some Wilderness Trio and Alpine swag
  • A recap video, plenty of photos of you in action, and memories of your epic adventure you'll remember forever!
  • A lifetime "membership" to be part of The Trio. You'll receive discounts on future adventures, gear rentals, and more!

+ What's included for this particular adventure

  • Transportation to and from Yosemite Natl. Park departing from Alpine Camp and Conference Center
  • The use of backpacking gear: Backpack, 0 or 20 degree sleeping bag depending on how you sleep, insulated sleeping pad, and a tent. Please know that you will be sharing a tent with 2 others unless you choose to bring your own.
  • Meals while on the trail made by our adventure specialists
  • Backpacking and wilderness skills will be taught

+Level of activity and difficulty

  • If you have never backpacked before, no problem! No gear? No problem! While the routes aren't technical, treacherous, or extremely difficult, just know that climbing out of the valley with a backpack requires more energy and activity than traditional hiking. We are expecting to cover around 4-5 miles a day as well as an overall elevation gain of around 2500 feet.
  • Difficulty Rating: 3.5 We rate our adventures on a 1-5 scale with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the most strenuous. This is a level 3.5 adventure where we will take many breaks, stops, and will do all we can to ease the burden of backpacking on our adventurers.

+ Registration and cost

  • Cost: Registration rate of $499 per person or $899 per group of two
  • The registration is being taken care of through Alpine and can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of this page by clicking "sign me up"
  • Click here to read our policies on deposits, refunds, and balance payments